Klaipeda LNG terminal assures almost half of national gas demand
Klaipeda LNG terminal assures almost half of national gas demand

The favourable situation in the international gas markets has been determining the highest operative efficiency of Klaipeda LNG terminal since the launch of its activities. Over the first days of May up to 95 percent of the natural gas that reached Lithuanian consumers were supplied from Klaipeda LNG terminal, Klaipedos Nafta (KN) said in a statement.

In April, the amount of gas supplied to Lithuania through the LNG terminal made up 83 percent of the total amount of gas supplied to the country. The major share of the above amount, i.e. 92 percent, were brought from the gas liquefaction factory in Norway. In April, about 1.48 TWh of gas was regasified in the LNG terminal, and that is 28.3 percent more than the amount of gas regasified in the same period last year.

Arunas Molis, KN Klaipeda LNG Director, notes that the growth in the demand of Klaipeda LNG terminal capacities was encouraged by the favourable situation in the international markets. It has been several months that the regasified LNG outbids the gas imported via remote long-distance pipelines, therefore, the importers having access to a great number of sources use the emerging opportunities.

"The possibility of purchasing gas in an open market enables the business to flexibly react to changes in the global market, therefore, the tendencies observed across Europe can also be felt in our country. We see that business is currently actively using the possibility to supply gas in a cheaper way, and KN, as the operator of the LNG terminal, assures the highest safety standards and effective services to the users of our infrastructure," Mr Molis notes.

In May, it is planned to accept 4 large gas carriers, which will bring more over 296 thousand cubic meters of LNG. Since the beginning of this year, Klaipeda LNG terminal has accepted 12 gas carriers for various LNG reloading operations.

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