Lithuania among best EU countries for foreign languages
Lithuania among best EU countries for foreign languages

  • Over 65% of Brits CAN’T speak any other language – the highest figure analysed.
  • Sweden found to have the BEST language skills – followed by Denmark and Latvia.
  • Only 4.5% of people in Lithuania can’t speak another language; an impressive 95.5% CAN.

A recent iNews article claims the UK is in crisis when it comes to language education. In fact, it reads Britain is bottom of the class when it comes to second languages. has analysed where Britain sits in knowing a foreign language – in comparison to the rest of Europe*. 


Looking at the most recent data** on the number of foreign languages known (Eurostat) found Brits are behind EVERY EU country when it comes to knowing another language.

In fact, 65.4% of Brits admit they can’t speak any other language. Just ahead of Romania (64.2%), Hungary (57.6%) and Bulgaria (50.5%.)

Comparably, Sweden has the lowest percentage of people who can’t speak any other language – at 3.4%. This means approximately 96.6% of Swedish people can speak at least one other language.  An impressive feat.

The example set by Sweden is closely followed by Denmark (4.2%), Latvia (4.2%) and Lithuania (4.5%.)

Slightly behind these three countries, but with remarkable rates still, is Luxembourg (5.5%) and Finland (8%.)

In fact, these figures indicate 94.5% of locals in Luxembourg can speak a second language. While 92% of Finns – known to be fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English among others – can speak at least one other language. 

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